Generate faces out of a complex path (dxf)


I´ve got a problem with an imported dxf-file (path). The import goes well, but when I render I can´t see anything. In edit mode I recognized that there are only vertices and edges but no faces. Is it possible to select all vertices and generate all faces with only a few clicks or is it a long procedure?

I can’t think of any simple method (at least not without more info --in the hope that your source object has certain characteristics).

From what program are you exporting?

You might try using Lightwave OBJ format instead… It’s simpler but I don’t think Blender has any issues with it.

In F9, in the Curve and Surface tab, use Extrude and/or BevelDepth.



I export the dxf-path through coreldraw.
When I use etrude in blender it extrudes but that´s not the solution.
See what happens here:
But I want a texture all over the body of the object not a thicker path…
I also tried a boolean operation over a plane or cube but it went wrong…

Aah… I see. Click the ‘3D’ button off (Curve and Surface tab) and when you hit Z it should show internal faces. You could also turn your path to a NURBS curve in the ‘Curve Tools’ tab.


I tried it, but i´m not able to convert my dxf-path… It seems that Blender interprets it as a mesh, so I can´t use the curve tools. Maybe someone knows how to convert the mash and fill the object… Here is the file:

If I were you I’d use a curve (bezier most likely) and trace that object. Filling it as a mesh is going to be a headache as all the curved edges are full of verts and the straight edges not.


Are you using Corel Draw to draw your shape? Then perhaps you could try exporting it as an ai or svg file. Then use the File/import /paths(svg,ai,etc) to put it in Blender as a curve.
Just downloaded and opened your zip file. The model is fairly simple. But there are a lot of unnecessary vertices. It might help if you delete them first. Then filling the faces would be easy. :smiley: