Generate faces out of a complex path (dxf)

(jowundabdamit) #1


I´ve got a problem with an imported dxf-file (path). The import goes well, but when I render I can´t see anything. In edit mode I recognized that there are only vertices and edges but no faces. Is it possible to select all vertices and generate all faces with only a few clicks or is it a long procedure?

(Duoas) #2

I can’t think of any simple method (at least not without more info --in the hope that your source object has certain characteristics).

From what program are you exporting?

You might try using Lightwave OBJ format instead… It’s simpler but I don’t think Blender has any issues with it.

(Fligh) #3

In F9, in the Curve and Surface tab, use Extrude and/or BevelDepth.


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I export the dxf-path through coreldraw.
When I use etrude in blender it extrudes but that´s not the solution.
See what happens here:
But I want a texture all over the body of the object not a thicker path…
I also tried a boolean operation over a plane or cube but it went wrong…

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Aah… I see. Click the ‘3D’ button off (Curve and Surface tab) and when you hit Z it should show internal faces. You could also turn your path to a NURBS curve in the ‘Curve Tools’ tab.


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I tried it, but i´m not able to convert my dxf-path… It seems that Blender interprets it as a mesh, so I can´t use the curve tools. Maybe someone knows how to convert the mash and fill the object… Here is the file:

(Fligh) #7

If I were you I’d use a curve (bezier most likely) and trace that object. Filling it as a mesh is going to be a headache as all the curved edges are full of verts and the straight edges not.


(grafix) #8

Are you using Corel Draw to draw your shape? Then perhaps you could try exporting it as an ai or svg file. Then use the File/import /paths(svg,ai,etc) to put it in Blender as a curve.
Just downloaded and opened your zip file. The model is fairly simple. But there are a lot of unnecessary vertices. It might help if you delete them first. Then filling the faces would be easy. :smiley: