Generate neat scratches texture in 2 steps with Gimp + G'MIC

-for this I have used Gimp2.8 and G’MIC 1.7

1.Create a new image at 1024px by 1024px.

2.Filters -> Render -> Clouds -> Plasma with Turbulence 5.0

3.Filters -> G’MIC -> Black & White -> Hard sketch with following settings
Done! Play around with different starting textures and filter settings, you can make a wide variety of scratches.


Can you maybe show some examples ?

The inserted images are not showing like the link is broke.

very sorry,i have attached the images again.current attachment method is messy - i tried to avoid repetition of images inline and as attachment but couldn’t.

if you want a sketched effect to the scratches,use Solid Noise or Turbulence applied to a layer as displacement map(Filters -Map - Displace).

Helpful and useful !

Thanks , nice tip and thanks for the examples :wink: