'generate rig' dont work?

when I click “generate rig” for the armateure the generated rig seems wrong. There are double rigs and too many rigs to select. And when I delete the double rigs the other rig will be deleted too. When I hide the double rigs and parent the other rigs with my object, the rigs aren’t working and aren’t correctly moving with the object.
These are bones provided from Blender (human (Meta-Rig)).
blend.file : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1044Gyb2kcw1VEVtXoeKQBiBg5mDshoph

Did you apply scale to your metarig before generating the rig?

yes I did… Ah, that makes Sense now. But why are there douple rigs ?

Rigify creates a brand new rig out of the metarig, but keeps the metarig. This is, presumably, so you can edit the metarig and re-generate if you need some changes later on.

If your metarig has applied scale and you got this weird, squished rig, I probably couldn’t tell you anything more without looking at the file. But that rig does look like it has unapplied, non-uniform scale.

I posted to blend.file now. Maybe it has something to do with my vertex groups.

It 's just bone shapes, select them all and send to invisible collection.

You mean the ones which aren’t connected to each other ?

yes, meshes.