"Generic dystopian landscape"

Made with Blender and composited in Photoshop .

Displacement maps generated with JDisplacement.

Rendered with Cycles at 180 samples in 60 minutes with my GPU .

The scene is made from 15 objects , 1.8 mil. faces in total and took around 3 hours to make.

And yeah, I kinda ran out of any decent names. :smiley:

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The level of detail on the buildings is awesome, and the composition of the scene overall is lovely! I’m wondering, though, if you used any kind of material or texture nodes? It looks like every object is just a flat diffuse, probably a variation on the default texture. I think if you were to use a Mix Shader to combine Diffuse and Glossy Shaders, that one step alone would add a huge boost to this. It looks really cool, though, don’t get me wrong! I find the shading is just a little plastic and flat.

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Thanks! There is a concrete texture applied. But since it is a desert, there wouldn’t be that much of any roughness detail that visible anyway. It may looks a bit plastic-ish, but I think I made that effect unintentionally in the compositing stage.