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In advance, I apologise if this is deemed the wrong place for introductions, and if introductions themselves are deemed unnecessary here, I apologise for that too, but it’s been the case in every community I’ve joined previously that introductions are simply good manners.

On another note, I promise my sentences aren’t normally so appallingly long and that I don’t usually apologise with such irritating frequency.

And to get started, hi. I’m The Niche, student of many crafts and master of none. I live in Ireland and I’ve been learning 3d modelling for a few years. Originally I started in gmax, a good six years ago. Then I moved on to a questionably sourced copy of 3ds max, before dropping 3d modelling for a while. In the last year, I’ve picked up Blender and through much effort and not having a life, I’ve gained an intermediate level of experience.

I’m currently working on a pokemon based animated series, which revolves around a team of dark pokemon whose trainer has been killed in action. Owing to being in my final year of school, I probably won’t have the first episode finished till the far side of christmas.

Anyway, hi, and I hope I shall have fun here :slight_smile:

Nope! this place is perfecttly fine for introductions and, on top of it, your sentences aren’t all that long (in fact, i can even ramble on for that long).

Anyways, welcome to BlenderArtists Community. hope your stay here is a good one! :slight_smile:

Why thank you :slight_smile: And really? I ran out of breath just typing that first one xD

Hi there, The Niche! Welcome to BlenderArtists!

Shouldn’t need to worry about the length of your posts too much - in most circumstances (especially in WIP/Focused Critique threads) the more info you can give the better the feedback or replies you’ll get. In my experience anyway :wink:

Good luck with your projects! :smiley:

@Philippe M.: Thank you kindly :slight_smile: My projects thank you also.

Yes actually I can. After all, I’ve written things around 22,000 words (not a rambling statement of course. But it’s true. I have).

Ah, but can you write a 22,000 word sentence? xD

only professional people have achieved much higher than this such as Nigel tomm(most famous).
not sure about robot though, i mean after all he is a robot:P

Talk about being the one thing that would drive grammar teacher’s crazy. :smiley:

Well yeah. After all things can go up to 400,000 words. I don’t have the stamina for that. Both in my fingers and my creativity.

It doesn’t matter anyway, as it would be impossible on the majority of internet forums (posts on this site can only go up to 10,000 characters)

Welcome anyway.