Generic Three Cylinder Motorcycle Model (CC Licensed)

This is a fully subdivideable, model of a motorcycle (based on the Yamaha MT-09) that I created in Blender over the past year or so (I was learning Blender while working on it in my spare time).

It has materials applied, and the FBX export of it to Sketchfab is not subdivided, so this is its lowest resolution. Here is a link to the Blend file (2.80) that has some simple materials created. There’s no UVs, although it’s not out of the question that I may add those in the future.


Excellent work. Downloaded the model. It looks great. My favourite of the MT range is the MT-01, the big V twin. Pity they don’t make it anymore.

nice work !!!

Awesome work man.

Just what I needed thank you very much !