Geo Nodes selection to Vertex Group

After tinkering with this for some time and coming to the conclusion that it can’t be done in 3.0 beta I just want to sanity check with other Blender users.

I want to have all instances in a GN transfered to an attribute that I can write to a Vertex Group, so I am able to use other modifiers masked to only the instanced geometry.

Looks like GN in Blender 3.0 overwrites/does weird stuff with Vertex Groups on the base mesh?!

Anyone able to enlighten me about this topic? It is driving med slightly mad :wink:


In Blender 3.1 alpha I was able to this:

Base mesh is a cube, with a pre-defined vertex group.

You can use the capture attribute node to assign certain parts to exactly this vertex group, by setting the group name as an output attribute in the modifier settings:

Great. Also tried it in 3.0 beta and it works there also. Must have been too tired to see that I forgot to put the Join Geo node after the Capture Att node. Thanks for showing me.

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