Geometry created with motion blur

I like the eerie quality this has.

Created using motion blur in Blender. Although it may appear so, there was no 3D geometry, the shape is actually being created using a flat wireframe outline that’s moving back and forward very fast (once a frame) which, thanks to the motion blur, creates the “solid” looking geometry.

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Cool effect. I may try this some time.

Cheers mate, here’s another version with Suzanne included, i like the primitive look of this, like some late 60’s university experiment!

In another context, you could go for a “Drunk with Neon lights” effect :grin:

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Do it man!

AKA Long Exposure photo, Light Painting… you can also throw displacement into the mix generating NPR look :wink:

and technically it’s not ‘geo’, but another method of generating specific CGI illusions… well unless you consider math - dimensions movement and acceleration…

There were no long exposures, each exposure was a 24th of a second. And i’d question if anything in CGI is “technically” geometry, isn’t it all an illusion? If you see geometry, it’s as real as any other geometry you can see on a flat screen.