Geometry Nodes Burst Emitter for Mantaflow

I’ve been trying to get a nice procedural and controllable way of creating an explosion so I’ve created a burst emitter with a GN network. In the future, a burst emitter will probably be done with particle nodes since you can also get simulated trails that way.

For this project I also want to limit myself with these three rules:

  1. No manually animated values (I want things to be as quick and procedural as possible)
  2. Domain settings must be as default as possible (Heat and speed should be controlled in the emitter settings)
  3. Real-world scale should be used.

Here is a quick showcase of the features of my current network for the burst emitter:

In the replies, I will be sharing Mantaflow simulations that were created with these nodes. In those examples, I will be doing only basic density shading since shape and movement is my main priority at the moment.

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In this test, the movement is bad because it doesn’t have any velocity. Instead, the heat slowly brings it up which doesn’t look very good.

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In this test, the movement is more seamless but it also loses its shape a bit.

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In this test, I just adjusted the emitter so that it moves up when growing. I’m not sure If I like the look.

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In this test, I wanted a bigger explosion that expands a lot more. I kind of achieved that with higher initial velocity values. The starting movement is a bit slow now that I look at it. But the thing I dislike the most is how “noisy” the simulation got because of the vorticity (I wish it could be controlled by speed. Less movement = less vorticity…). The simulation also jumps to the left near the end which is a weird bug.