Geometry Nodes forest - WIP

Working on a forest scene. Tree created with geo nodes with leaves as alpha textured planes. Encountering a problem that when seen from far away, the leaves do not get displayed. When zoomed in the leaves are displayed properly.
Seems some problem in how I used alpha transparency. Any help or workaround is appreciated.

Tree Viewed at camera 80 mm:

Viewed at camera 35 mm: (leave textures are almost invisible)


when using solid color at 35mm:

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Things work fine if using a “fuller” texture like this palm leaf. Any tips on how to handle pine leaves as it has thin needles with lots of transparency which is causing the problem.

I think I found the issue. I was “cleaning up” the alpha using a colorramp as the texture file did not have clean edges. This was causing too much of the texture to disappear. Have to find a better texture.

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