Geometry Nodes Help!

Hi, attached is a project where I am trying to build scaffolding from the bottom up. I am trying to use geo nodes because I want it done based on mesh islands. I got it to reveal mesh islands based on the default indices blender assigns (which make it appear random) but I now want it to reveal them from bottom to top. Below is also a screenshot of my node setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

GeoNode Test.blend (1021.8 KB)

Use Position separate the z and delete.


Thank you for the help. I took a portion of your suggestion to achieve what I needed. Below is the screenshot of the final node tree I used for my use case.

I first needed to create a collection with the mesh separated by loose parts. This gave me more flexibility than using the “mesh island” node. This allowed me to have the mesh(object) deleted based on location rather than index.

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