Geometry Nodes - how to get data from multiple Image node Frames

Hi everyone, I’m still getting used to the new Geometry Nodes.

Here is my setup:

NodeGroup detail:

Here is my output:

Blend file:
Zip file with used images:

What I’m doing here is animating grid by image sequence, second layer grid is 1 frame behind, third layer grid is 2 frames behind…

It works, but in this setup, it’s not easily scalable. Every single added layer is done by copying a NodeGroup, incrementing “Index” parameter, and linking the group.

I tried to avoid this step by using array modifier and using location Z as input to “Frame” in “Image Texture” node, but it doesn’t work.

Does anyone have better understanding of Geometry Nodes to help me out?

Here is dummy version what I’m trying to do:

But I can’t because of this:

I guess the round shape of the “Frame” socket has something to do with this. Any ideas how to overcome this issue?

I think the Frame input take an integer value and your Z output is a float one. You need to round Z value probably.