Geometry nodes question: keywords and their visibility

Just started fooling around in GNs, and I see there are, for want of the proper term, “keywords” such as ‘frame’ that are referenced in the node by entering “#frame” in a numeric field.

I have a question about that: once you hit ENTER the “#frame” disappears and the numeric value of the keyword is displayed. Clicking on it reveals the text (minus the “#”), but is there a way to reveal the text of ALL such keywords used in the network, simultaneously?

(To me this is similar to another software that allows you to rename nodes for readability, but then you can’t see the node’s original name, which makes for difficult debugging, esp days/weeks later. IMO there should be a toggle, like for AE’s timeline, where you can see either a Layer’s ‘name’, or the source for that layer. Toggle on, you see the keywords, toggle off, you see the current value.)

First of all. The “#frame“ isn’t specific to geometry nodes. This only creates an expression driver for this field. This means you could do this also wth the scale of the object for example. And you can also write any python expression in it: “#sin(frame * 0.5 - 10)“.

But regarding your problem/wish: No, it’s not possible to display all expressions of drivers at one time. At least I don’t know any way of doing it.