Geometry Nodes Weight Map Invert

When in the modifier stack with geometry nodes modifier open. There is a cross looking thing to the left of the attribute to add a weight map. How do I invert that weight map after I add it?

I am only seeing add weight map and no way to invert it.


Plug that input into a Boolean math node set to Not:


Though by turning it into boolean we’ll lose “weight” information, no?
So alternatively use float Math node that outputs 1 - weight :thinking: …i think

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You’re right, I didn’t think about that! Wouldn’t it be abs(1-n)? Actually, no, you’re right as is, with a 0-1 range there’s no need for the abs. Yeah, the weight inversion formula is x-n where x is the highest possible value of n

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I found a simple solution as well in the vertex groups from the little down arrow. Select copy vertex group. Select the created vertex group and when in weight painting mode select weights and invert.

This works, but it’s destructive. I’d recommend using StaryBillie’’s solution so you don’t have to worry about “have I inverted the most recent version yet?”