Geometry Planet

LAST UPDATE - July 1st (Happy Canada D’eh!)

Geometry Planet is a platform and puzzle game with RPG style upgrades, moves lists and more! We focus in entertainment, fun, excitement and most importantly re-playability! For now we are focusing on the Blob race’s storyline as it is the most complicated in all respects, a demo should be available shortly if progress is able to continue. Puzzle stages are in the process of development, these will feature a type of, “Living Room” which changes per puzzle in many areas throughout the world for each mission, character and race. Think of it as entering an instance, special upgrade to an ability of your choice or extra experience, or later with other races items, armor, weapons and weapon/armor skills.

Here is our temporary main update forum:

We are focused on learning and sharing while using Blender as a medium for developing games and eventually shorts!!

People experienced with blender for at least a year appreciated, though if you would like to model for us on your spare time, put some screen shots or links to download the files!

Here are updated screen shots for Geometry Planet, it is only a quick example I did after loading in some of the props, were changing colors, themes, and adding different props still:

  • Blob Area - Slimy, decayed, lots of movement, bulby looking with soft lights in plants
  • Sphere Area - Earthy, organic, living, spherical, bright “energy like” “spirits” that float around plants, buildings, etc.
  • Cone Area - Sandy, dry, devoid of life, cone/pyramid shaped rocks, plants, etc.
  • Square Area - Metallic, floating, jets, synthetic plants and solar panels, vents, etc.

Looking forward to seeing some conceptual blender renders to add to the game, keep in mind, creativity is a MUST. This is to practice and build your imagination, your creativity, your artistic talent. We see this as a stepping stone to learning more in the future, and just a start to many projects.

It kinda looks like Ember.
But good job =D!

Bit more of an update, I am posting a link to examples of what I am looking for in the Blob area, you can see examples for creating levels and also examples for creating props.

Use your imagination!!! Use these examples as inspiration!!!

Crystal Examples

More Examples and updated 3D models ready for implementation into the game will be added soon!

Hey all,

It has been pretty quiet around here,
Anyways I’ll post what I have been working on for the past week and hope you like it

Outside view:
An area where the player’s jump and sticky will be trained, not finished yet.
Area where advanced combat tutorial will be given, dummies with dynamic rope added.
Demonstration of rope physics and dummy physics, ofcourse the dummy,rope and wood have not been textured yet:
Demonstration of a ranged attack feature, shooting out blobs that stick to surfaces and divulge bypassers:

I hope you guys can be excited

And here is a message the project leader posted on another forum, but I think it belongs here too:

A “newer” group of people have been getting together and are currently looking for new prospects and people to join the team!!! The name of the project and name of the game is, you guessed it, Geometry Planet!!

This game is based around, yes, you are right, GEOMETRICAL SHAPES!!!

Everything in the game will use 3 of the main geometrical shapes including all and none of them, the blob character. The blob character is a formless, mass of “goop” that could only be defined as a “blob” this being the most interesting character to use (depending on your tastes) will be the main character we will start developing the game with; also it is a little more difficult than the rest of the shapes (depending on whats hard for YOU). The other shapes are; Sphere characters that are nature focused magic using people that are exactly that, spheres, but imagine something like a whiffle ball with energy (light) inside of it. The Square characters are technologically advanced which are basically flying squares close to a Borg Cube. Finally the Cone/Pyramid characters that are basically like spin tops that use their shape to dig and smash while spinning, they are a warrior people who focus in their weapons and armor above all else.

The game is based around an evolving storyline that is effected by what you say to each NPC and which shape you choose to use. The choices you have to say to the NPCs will determine what you are; Good, Bad or Neutral. Good is always being humble, apologetic, and naturally a decent “good person”; this direction may give you help with your missions as people tend to “like” you (easy mode). Bad is the funny A-Hole of the game that says the most obscene things to everyone, no matter who they are; in this direction people will not help you as much or at all in figuring out the quests and how to complete them (hard mode). Neutral is the “stupid” side of the storyline as people both do not like you and want to help you because of your, insane lack of intelligence (moderate mode).

There will be much more to the game but I shall not reveal everything just yet, I intend to focus on parts of the game to reduce any kind of “snowballing” and other concerns that were made by posters. Also it will be much faster for each area if everyone is contributing to focused maps, which everything will be broken down in the next post. That being said, refer to the 2nd post for examples, descriptions and more about what is needed for the Blob character’s area, imagination and creativity a MUST.

Here is a list of positions we have on the team, and another one following for positions needed.

~::Member Positions::~

1 UV Texture Artist
1 Texture Artist
2 Writers
2 Voice Over Actors
1 C++ Coder
1 BGE “Specialist”
3 Map Artists
2 Prop Designers
1 Soundtrack Artist
1 Website Designer

----+++Needed Positions++±—

1 Sound Artist
1 Experienced Python User
1 Experienced Texture and UV Artist
1-5 Modelers (Map & Props)

Modelers do not have to be that experienced using blender as you can learn tricks along the way and can practice while getting focused critique.

Anyone wanting to join the group project just give me a PM and ask for more details if you want, just send me a couple examples of what you have done and what area you would like to apply for.

Looking forward to more project members!!

  • N00B3R (Will) ::Project Manager::

Looks like your project is expanding mate. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update Maya0, saved me some time, and provided some nice examples/screens :smiley:

We will be providing a .exe to download which will show players and developers what were working on here! Hopefully this will be very soon, it all depends on how much props we can get and how easily we can fix the new mouselook and camera/character orientation for the 2.5 version.

I willl be updating as needed, but the major update will come once Maya0, Ninja Goliath and I get the base down and able to have the working version to it.

Make sure that you check in at least weekly for updates on either here, or!!


Just a quick update on the graphics:
Shooting smaller blobs that stick to surface:

I hope you all enjoy, and we are still looking for good additions to the team :slight_smile:

the specs a little high

It is to simulate the wetness and stickyness of that blob level

good work! i like it

Leaving an update for all the forums;

Myself the project lead has been away from the internet and computers for about a month and a half dealing with getting into the Toronto Film School & Academy of Design for Video Game Development and Design. Not to mention a bunch more, but anyhow, I’m back and ready to start throwing out some more examples, and much more.

Keep in touch on all the forums and threads for a short playable demo to check out how it runs on your computer.

We will be testing the build on many PCs to check the compatibility before we go much further in the project, so we know to maybe slim down textures or other great graphical effects!.

Some updates I’ve been told about since my arrival:

The #1 problem this project had to start was the camera controls, and to my understanding Goliath one of our “alumni” has entirely created a camera system for our unique character.

Maya0 has completed a more smooth and proper 'sticky" system for the characters main puzzle move which allows the character to walk up walls and ceilings which hopefully will work great with the new camera system.

Currently Working on:

Maya0 and myself will be working on many of the base functions of the game which include more moves, dialogue system, character system, battle system and menu system.

Moves that are being developed now use an IPO curve to tell the blob mesh what to do. We are also working on other moves that creates an object through the centre of the blob for things like our “Blob Shot” attack and our others like “Area Blob Shot” which effects a larger area.

The dialogue system I have been researching how to implement but the scripts and resources I found will only help so much, we still need to rip through the .blend files and scripts to have nicer graphics, none of this “black box B.S.”. The dialogue system works off of a very “basic” principal where you pick "this’ to say and that happens, which in this case is 2 things. One is a counter built into the character “properties” which include abilities, strength, intelligence, etc. which “counts” which selection you pick in the dialogue. This creates a “Good, Bad and Neutral” counter that effects what the NPC says to you.

Example: Player chooses 3/3 “Bad” things to say to the NPC the NPC will activate one of their 3 responses which would in this case not help the player on their mission. This will be what the whole game mostly revolves around, your interaction with the NPCs since this is a puzzle game, information can make or break you.

Character system is how the game determines what damage you deal to the enemy, how much the enemy damages you, character ability experience and character kill experience. Your character levels up in 2 ways, one being your ability tracker, which counts how many times you have used an ability to either hit an NPC or to help yourself with a buff or heal. The more you use an ability the stronger that ability gets, the stronger it gets, the more forms of that move you get. The other way you level up is by your kill count which determines your character level. This “Character Level” is what determines how much damage you deal, how much damage you can take (defence) how much health you have, also it will determine what puzzles you can enter, abilities you can purchase & learn.

Battle system will be how the character interacts with hostile NPCs, this will have a “lock on” function which will help out drastically with aim as your character can be on the ceiling attacking while rolling away, etc. this battle system will also include the counters and much described in the character system. This battle system will also include AI programing but will mostly be dependant on the character system for implementation.

The Menu system is sectioned out into 4 categories which include the character system to display everything mentioned in that section and more. Abilities section which will allow you to choose which moves you want for your “quick selection” which is basically just hot-keys for your moves. A map section to be able to review area maps, level maps, etc. there will also be a quick review in the map section to remind you where your missions are. The last one will be an extensive view of all the missions you’ve taken and completed, this will include hints you gained from talking with NPCs.

Well there is all the systems and a brief description also so that anyone working on it knows where were at and if anyone would like to help you know what were doing and what is looked for.

I’ll be updating whenever I can now that I’m back, I should be also getting a version of the game that works much better than before so that everyone can check it out. Again, I/We are looking for people to test the game, we need many different kinds of computers, 3D cards, etc.

Well so long for now, hope to get lots of replies :smiley:

-N00B3R (Will = Project Manager)

Well we have some updated pictures after we completed the camera/control system to give it a better free camera style look so you see exactly what you see in-game.

Were currently still changing all the colors and the plant/prop layout but this is an example of the style going into the game.

Much, much more to come including “The Singing Cave” a concept that will only be reviewed in a gameplay trailer in the making!

Subscribe and keep in touch, readers comments are a must and we look forward to showing everyone much more.

Check the first post for updated pictures!

this game seems to be coming along nicely, unlike mine. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, Good luck!


Well we hope to get more views and interest, how I can boost the thread up to the top to get more people to check it out the better. Perhaps move the thread to a better part of the forums?? Maybe a Mod. could help out and put us in the right direction?

Especially with the new updates that will be coming soon, it will look very cool I guarantee that with all the lighting and crystal effects… Battle system, puzzles, action and story I know that people will want to check out the game soon, once we get a couple experienced python users and modelers we can fly through it all, but it is finding the talent that takes time and effort!

Were shooting for the top and with more people on the team we plan to hit the top and roll around all over it

Subscribe, keep in touch! Post comments and if there is more demand for screenshots just shout! Were here for the gamers since we are gamers!

Looks cool! :smiley: and I really like the evolving storyline concept

Yeah the evolving storyline concept will actually be pretty basic in nature and not super complex in relevance to what you do, more-so which character you choose. But that will not be till later on when all the characters and areas are finished and the whole game is complete. At this time the game is more of a platform/puzzle game.

Wow, this looks very nice. BTW, I appreciate the invite you gave me, but I think this is a little out of my league. If you need any help with simple things though, feel free to ask.

You can always hop along and learn if you want, we are eager to educate some people to help us :slight_smile:

Nice Maya0 :slight_smile: i sent u pm so pls read :slight_smile: