Geometry pointiness

Can anybody help me about anything to do with geometry pointiness.

Whenever I try to make geometry pointiness the transition is either constant or smooth but I don’t want it to be like that.

I want it to look more like this (see the forehead plate of the mask)
You can see that the edges are brighter (worn out metal) at the more random order.

When I do it the transition it’s smooth like the texture is disappearing, like this ---->

If you look closely at the picture of the monkey’s eyebrows you can see that the transition is smooth from that metal texture (grey color) to a red texture. I don’t want it like that, I want the transition to be more “noisy”, more instant and not so soft and disappearing.

You can send me tutorial in text, screenshots, I watched youtube tutorials and they don’t help much because they don’t explain my problem directly

If you are going to explain me then try explaining like you are trying to explain it to a 6 year old for more easier understanding.

Run the pointiness through a colour ramp - then you can control how sharp the falloff is. Chuck some noise in there was well if you want patches of wear.

Ohhh thanks maaan, so it’s the overlay thing I should have used. I tried using geometry and noise into mix RGB and never found out the solution. Now when I use gradient I can finally make something like metal wall rusting from bellow to up.

I’m trying to achieve the same thing right now but with an image texture. Feel like I’m close with the node setups I’ve tried but the texture keeps spreading over the entire mesh equally, not just on the edges. How would you get the same result but instead of being procedural? to be more specific, i have a scratch map and just want it to appear in the grey areas of the cube posted above.

So I found this ( explanation, but they don’t go into detail about adding images for the textures. I tried figuring it out and have come to somewhat of a solution but still am not sure about how you would add an image texture in to that for the majority of the mesh but NOT have it apply to the edges. In other words, the node setup in the photo i uploaded will take care of the edges and another image texture will cover everything else. Also, confused about the circled nodes. Isn’t the point of the Principled BSDF to not have to use the glossy? But if you delete it, it changes the entire texture…

Edit: Okay, so i think this is the answer. If anyone sees something wrong, please feel free to correct it.