geometry tracking???

hi !
is there any os alternative for PFT-tracking`s geometry tracking???

If you are talking about tracking geometry that is already inside Blender, then you can use the After Effects export script.

What are your source and destination applications?

well i have a video file, where you can see for example a face (moving), and on the face id like to attach 3d objects

something like this

maybe i should take a look at the argumented reality stuff

Voodoo or Syntheyes? Icarus might be a little out of date now, but it still works well enough.

they are camera tracker (voodoo and icarus),
but what i need to do is object tracking
syntheyes has objecttracking, but i am a bit on budget
(using ashids good old ARToolkit would be a nice idea for video post processing… )
buuut it is the same old python 2.6-3 issue

It is also called Match Moving or Motion Tracking.

You can move the camera, or move the object. It just might require a bit more manual labour. :slight_smile: