[Geonodes]Assign attribute individually per Instance(Solved)

A question: is it possible to assign an individual value per instance (in my case, root UVs in custom fur system) without using Realize Instance node? Realize Instance is super slow. Transfering/storing attributes per instance seems to work inside Geometry Nodes themselves, but a shader seems to ignore them unless instances are realized

Geo node setup (probably not necessary)

Shader>Object info>random

If you model your instances and they have their own shader, then just add “object info” node and mix it with you material.

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Thanks, thats a good idea in situations when colors do not need gradients between them. I do not understand some things you say, but I’ll come back with more questions after I’ll test it myself

I made this setup. The cube is used as controler (rotation of the gradients)

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That’s cool. Cant adapt it for UV unwrapped characters with Armature deformation though. Will require something like Data Transfer after geonodes in modifier stack. So as slow or slower as using Realize Instances. Looks like we ran into another of geonode limitations. Thanks for the help anyway

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