Geordi LaForge

I’ll be honest…I made this image because I wanted to make Geordi’s VISOR…but then I had to make Geordi to wear it……then I had to make an Engineering scene for Geordi.

It turned out to be some great character practice. I learned a lot, made several mistakes, and am that much better for it. I’m still happy with my result.


dude, love it… TNG is the best! (yeah, I said it)

Having in mind that the character is pretty stylized, he actually looks like Geordi. Good job! aaaaand actually, DSN is the best!

It’s a great scene, it does look like Geordi, TNG is awesome, and going back through DS9 now and watching them I’m starting to enjoy that again very much.
But ENTERPRISE is the best by far, easily.

Oh dear Adam. =) You can’t possibly think that Jonathan Archer is better than Jean Luc Picard. If I were on a cruise ship, I’d want Jean Luc Picard at the helm, if nothing else but to know that when he gave the order to set sail, he’d say, “Make it so.” XD

Geordi! Yea! The best engineer, too! I’d want Geordi in the engine room of the cruise ship. If the cruise ship hit something, he would reroute the secondary plasma relays or something.

Oh yeah, and very good. I like the caricature style. =)