George the Alien WIP (Animation)

This is George. He’s an alien. Not sure which particular planet he’s from… any suggestions? I made him a while back, but have only just discovered the delights of toon shading. I think he looks much better as a cartoon.

Any c&c?

I like george… I just can’t figure out why…


I like it :smiley: The toon shading does indeed look great for the scene.

I’ve just realised what he reminds me of… one of those worms from the game of the same name - give him a bazuka ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wants it! I want to…squish it. It looks very squishable.

I’m turning this into an animation, maybe a small cartoon. It starts with the title screen, then it goes into the main part. George has a new friend, and they’re playing Ping Pong.

Any constructive criticism at all?? [~750KB]

Heh, pretty good so far.

Maybe a bit more colour, if not colour for eveything, it seems a little bit bland currently, but then again, that could be your style :).

As for which planet, I’m guessing Europa, just because of the nature of the planet.

I’ve given George a pair of eyebrows, so he can now express emotion. Here’s a small example…

And I think you’re right. He’s from Europa. He’s European.

Cute as!

I’m looking forward to seeing the who “Art of War” animation.