Geppetto Auto-Rigging Tool

Hi all,

I have been working on an Auto-rigging solution which simplifies the rigging process for humanoid and biped meshes. Ideally, this will be a 2 - 3 step process and will be particularly helpful for those who are just starting game development, animation or content creators who are in need of a quick rigging solution for their characters. I thought of developing this add-on since I myself also have struggled with rigging simple or biped type characters for my demos.

I started posting this project and updates on Google+ Blender community a week ago so I just thought I’d share this with the BlenderArtist community.

GitHub Project Repository Project Development

Video Introduction

Sample screenshots

Toon base mesh by Soufaine at DeviantArt

Male base mesh by Julius at OpenGameArt

Female SuperHero base mesh by Brad Myers

Alien character by Chris Smith at BlendSwap

ZBrush base mesh by Shane Sheils

It is still a work in progress. More samples and updates to be posted soon.



Good name choice!

This is a good idea.And i hope somebody will come up with a way to automatically add mocaps or bvh cleanly to a humanoid rig.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

@3D Solar
Yes that would be great. Actually, one item on this project’s roadmap is to provide a set of basic animations or library and hopefully a better retargeting system.

I’ll keep and eye on this. Does this automatically do the weight-mapping also?

Very nice tool.


Yes, it does the auto weight-mapping as well.

Thanks guys.

very nice tool


Just added and tested recently the above sample ZBrush base mesh by Shane Sheils.

Update New base mesh sample and a video introduction :slight_smile:

New test rig with low poly (6k) game ready Sci-Fi robot model by Mitch Pablio

nice update here

Update Another test using Comic base mesh by Julius (opengameart) at 1.4k tris

Is the rig exportable to other engines like Unity and UE4?

Hey Arnywar, yes it will be exportable to other game engines or 3D suite as the final output is still a standard rig. :yes:

Update Deformed toon mesh experiment using “proxy” mesh. “Strongman” SDK Model by JGCount at polycount


How do you deal with adding facial rigs?

Hey rontarrant,

Facial rigging is not supported, but I do plan to add a customization panel later on for adjustments like facial rigging or adding more bones.

Update Re-rigged Anime toon "Tsumiki by Pyblo at opengameart

You should add in a rag doll death switch :smiley: