Ger, I cant SLEEP!

<SNIP on embarrasing post>

Heh heh. . .I usually don’t rant at all. . .never ever ever ever. . . I hate being sick when I can’t sleep. . . :<

Can this be deleted? Please?

Ok ?


You have a good arguement, but I think you might be focusing too much on the negative.

I feel embarressed now. Goodbye post, I’ll just be deleteing it.


Don’t be … there’s no need… don’t let a stupid remark as “ok ?” bother / influence you … really … I have had my count of shitty threads here too …

I’ve been through many nights of not being able to sleep … the point is that whenyou think alot it can get out of controll and there’s nothing you can do than help yourself … and that’s difficult…

I understand your anger completely … the short ok reply was uncalled for … sorry …