German M1915 Stielhandgranate

Hey guys,

I made this German M1915 Stielhandgranate for the game Verdun-Online and I would love to hear some opinions about it.

It has a 1024X1024 texture map and the model is 750 polys and 763 quads or 1424 tris.


Very nice… i’ve held one of these in my hand in real life… (it was deactivated tho. I think).

Only thing that bothers me is the very tip of the wooden handle. The texture seems somehow distorted there… not sure.

Is it only for reel of the game? 'course too many polygons for on-fly render in game.
Good job!

you might want to make this of less polys. the textures are amazing though

very impressive O_O

Very nice model indeed and textures are beautiful.

Isn’t it too memory hungry for a game (1400 tris and 1024 texture)? For a single grenade this look too heavy. But I don’t know, haven’t played any new modern game for 2 years.

I love the textures.

Well I assume the model in the game ISN’T going to be this great high poly work of art. It’d be a normal mapped low poly version of it, possibly with lower res textures).

The texture looks nicely detailed. I assume this will be the view model and not the world model of the grenade so the trianglecount is OK and I think that 1024x1024 isn’t too big for that purpose either.

Wereaser is right, this is going to be the model that you hold in hand this isn’t going to be the model that you actually throw therefore the polycount and texture maps are fine. Anyhow thanks for all your comments, I appreciate it.