German Stick Grenade Stielgranate 24: WWII Type

Here is my model of German Stick Grenade Stielgranate 24: WWII Type.
Made in about 45min including materials. C&C are more than welcome.
Here is better quality on imageshack:

Thanks for looking.


They look good!

You might want to bring up the lights a bit, and maybe adjust the specularity on the materials (the green might use a little see here, and if those are new and that is varnished wood you can push that further).


is it for a game???.. like nyquist said add more lights great model though

It’s unlikely. I don’t think he’s into the GE.

Looks good though. Lighting could use some work but beyong that, it’s great for 45 min.

That’s nice. What does the writing say?

For 45 min start to finish this is pretty good… maybe some extra lighting or AAO to brighten up the scene a bit, and some tweaking of the wood material (it looks too smooth at the moment, needs a few subtle bumps and stuff along the grain, maybe the odd big chip). If the top is supposed to look like metal then this needs some fine tuning as well, it presents itself as plastic to me.

So, not perfect, but pretty good, and excellent modelling, no crits there. Good luck!

Thanks for advice to all. Here is new render according to your recommendations. I’ve changed material for wood (not much more like few different variations), change specularity for metal parts and make the whole scene brighter. Also increase specularity for wooden parts to bring normals up.

@nyquist: I used pics from web below as reference to make model and to create materials (mostly for specs) That will explain lack of specularity in my models but as you can see specularity on the metal parts of that object is very low. I think that specs. On pics you referenced are so high because their are made with flash and granades are painted with different paint (more specular one). I’ve tweaked specularity on the metal parts so it will look more smooth (please look at the cap - I realy like that part).

[](http://<a href=)

@Lilgrudgeboy: This is not for the game engine. Number of polys is around 1800 per granade. I’m not BGE expert but I heard that models shouldn’t have more than 1000 faces per model or something like that.

@Nickle: It says: “Before use insert detonator” :wink:

Nitronic755: I’ve increased specularity of the wood material to bring normality up. Now surface of the handle is more rough. I also made different kinds of wood there.

Once again thanks for your C&C guys. Tell me what you thing about the new one.
BTW, tweaking this now took far more than 45mins.


Tweaking always does, but they look nice! :slight_smile:


Ahhh, reminds me of my old Call of Duty days… That looks very realistic, but does the shine go over the words or not? Because I always thought they were printed on with a non-shiny ink or something…