German V2 Rocket

V2 Rocket modeled in Blender 2.75

Full size images here:


Wow! I’ve never seen such a detailed model of a V2.

Steve S

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Such a polarizing missile…From wrecking cities to launching man into space.

Brilliant modelling and nice materials…great work overall. The link to full size images doesn’t seem to be working though.

I remember an old Vergeltungswaffe blueprint from the Wehrmacht, I’m surprised how detailed is your model ! Well executed !

It’s sad that like a lot of revolutionnary technologies it needed a war to be realized… like the penicillin, jet engines, computers, radio, etc…
Humans are more productive when it’s time to kill his neighboor than for helping him.

The Deutsches Museum has a huge set of the original blue prints available on line. They’re all cross referenced so you can find orthographic drawings for just about every part of the rocket.

I’m sorry the link to the full size images doesn’t work. Perhaps this one will work better:

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If the link does work - click on an image, then use your scroll wheel to zoom in.
If the link does not work, can somebody tell me what happens when you click on it? (It works for me)

(This is my first post to BlenderArtists - so bare with me while I figure things out)

WOW! I love the detail in the revealed model. At first the textures seemed to strong but they really grow on me.

Update on an old project…

My first publishing!

An author saw my V2 renders and asked me to participate in a book he was writing on the subject. Here are a few snippets showing some of my work in the book. I redid all the textures to use Blender’s new PBR workflow and made about 70 different renders of various camouflage & paint options. I also modeled a launch pad and transport unit.

The book is called “V2: The A4 Rocket from Peenemünde to Redstone”

Link to the book:ünde-Redstone/dp/1906537534/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1510242612&sr=1-1&keywords=v2+the+a4+rocket+from+peenemünde+to+redstone


Congrats on your project - thought I recognized you/this from over @ MM.

Congratulations, thats a real testament to the quality of your work!

Great job Mark!
I’m working on a TV show and we have to build a full scale rocket. I’d love to use your drawing as a blueprint. Any chance I could get you Cad file?


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I would be happy to talk to you about it. I sent you a PM with my email address so you can contact me directly.

Another update on this model. CBS used my model to help build a prop for the CBS All Access series “Strange Angel”. The prop will be featured in one of season 2’s last episodes.

I’ve also included updated renders. The texturing and lighting on these is much better than the first ones I did.






Just incredible, and congratulations!!

Hi Mark, would you be willing to share your CAD file with me? I am wanting to 3D print the guts of the rocket for a model I’m building. Thanks!

Sorry I didn’t see your post earlier. Send me a PM with your email address. It’s easier to communicate that way.

Hi Mark, my email address is [email protected]. Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi, Mark!
I also want to print the V-2 with the insides on a 3D printer. Could you share the cad files with me? my mail is [email protected]


It is somewhat crazy to realize that be because of WWII we got significant technological discoveries.

I sent you an email. Please let me know if you don’t get it.

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hello Mark ,
very nicely done !

so i was wondering if it would be possible for me to also get your files just for private use to take even a better look at the components , can’t do it myself because i’m a 0 with drawing programs.
my email is : [email protected]
if not , i completely understand.

thanks ! jeffrey