[German] Video report about the German Blender Day 2011

Hi blenderheads,

approximately two weeks ago, there was the “German Blender Day 2011”. It’s our version of the Blender Conference, here in Germany.

I created a video report for my local TV station. Unfortunately it’s mostly German, but fortunately there are long English parts as well. :slight_smile:
You will see some scenes from the speed modelling contest, auditions about cycles and smoke simulations and an overview of how Motion Tracking works in Blender.

So, I hope you enjoy it!

Greetings from Germany!

Thank you for posting this…as someone who lives in Germany I find this stuff interesting and difficult to come by, as I do not watch German(Deutsch) television or any Deutsch media(Zeitung lesen z.b.)…

You’re welcome, Justin. :slight_smile:

So, if I got you right, you’re living in Germany although you are not German?

I have to admit, that there is quite a lack of media regarding blender in germany. That’s why I decided to put an end to this and make a video report about this fascinating project. Furthermore, promoting a highly engaged german blender event was also a big motivation for me. I’m looking forward to a better media response to blender and I’m glad I contributed with my video :slight_smile:

I just love blender :smiley:

A great video and a great event, just sad that its so south, instead of centering it somewhere in the middle of Germany (or we raid the town ‘Blender’ near Bremen :D)
Great compliment to all who worked on the video and on the Blenderday itself :slight_smile:

Hi Jimmyon,

thank you! :slight_smile: Glad to see that people actually like it :slight_smile:

Yeah :smiley: That was indeed an idea people mentioned at the Blender Day :wink: I think the problem was the bad infrastructure due to its “hidden” position.
It’s a funny idea, though :slight_smile:

Let’s see how things will change. Thomas Dinges now has to check on different possible ways to continue the Blender Day, since the ones who are organizing the event graduated school now and they need to establish some kind of “Blender association” with all the paperwork to ensure a proper future for the Blender Day.

Ich bin Deutsch Verheirated…so ich wohn hier in Deutschland…

anyway…thanks again.