Gert De Roost - Character Sketchbook

Hello there,

I’ve been crafting away on designing original character doodles for over a year now. It’s meant to be “3d concept art”, so little tiny lowpoly ideas for game/cartoon characters. I’m gonna post my entire library now and new things later on. Almost no texturing, just colouring and some gloss/SSS.
Comments welcome!



An alien centaur.

A baby monster.

A colourful dino bird.

A harnassed brain!

Pondering he is.

Purple proudness.

I call this “Dredeï”.

One of the early ones.


Elephant insect.

Fairytale character.

Fat and cuddly.

Early one, bit dark.

Friendly bugger.

God knows where he comes from.

Early one also.

Little witch girl.

Angry he sure is!

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Stop! Mr. Monk says.

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