Gesture Ops - Add on to replace keyboard shortcuts in blender

There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts available for blender user to use, and some of them are so hard to trigger, and you need to remembers a lot of shortcuts and you also forget some of them.

With Gesture Ops , you can trigger the same operations by using your mouse to draw some simple-pattern lines in the 3D View.

For example, how to draw this pattern?


You can just:

  1. Press Ctrl or Shift and hold.
  2. Left clicking anywhere in the 3D View, then drag your mouse from left to right, and then release the left mouse button to finish the first line.
  3. Repeat (1) to draw another line. And you trigger the operator assigned to this pattern gesture.

Here is a simple demo on how I use this add-on to switch between Edit Mode and Select Mode easily.

Check out the add on Gumroad


Check out the add on BlenderMarket

Video on How I simply use this add-on to switch between Object Mode and Select Mode
Video on How to customize this add-on


Hey Aaron, welcome to Blender Artists! It looks like you forgot to include a link in your post?

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Thank you very much, I have updated my post to include a link.

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Thank you for the info. I think I reinvent the wheel. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still thank you for let me know the fact.

This is my first blender add-on, I learned a lot while developing it, I think I shall make some more useful addons.

I use a tablet on 2.80 and I think this can be useful, even there’s add shortcut and quick favorites already. Adding gesture the way your addon does is really intuitive…

It’s great you like my add-on. Thank you.

cool name!


Sweet, thank you.

It reminds me of StrokesPlus, a (freeware) mouse gesture software for Windows.

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