Get a free iPhone App! FINAL DAY OF OFFER

ATTENTION: this is the final day this offer will be on blender arrtists. After today this offer is invalid. So hurry up and join!

We’re about to release our first iPhone app! It’s going to be in the store in about 2 weeks. As a promotional deal I will give you guys the app for free. Well… the first 20 people to fill out my offer.

The app will be $1.99

It is a multiengine search app, I can’t give out any more details until it’s official out though (No copycats)

So here’s the deal join for 100% free web hosting from here: and then send us an email : [email protected] that looks like this:

Send it from your main email address…
SUBJECT: Free iPhone App Promo
the url of the site you registered.

If you register as domain hosting you MUST change your nameservers to receive our promo code. And you MUST fill in your real details. You will be send the code the day our app hits the store!

Regards, The MediaChicken Team.

Thanks - it’s good to know about the app.

That doesn’t sound ‘free’ to me…

So, you want 5 dollars instead of the 1.99 minus apples cut.

That’s cool, but it would be nice to let people know that you will still make a profit.

Yea. Still free for you guys. Sign up for free hosting and over paid. I had made hundreds already :wink:

Still free ? Glad to know about this then.

Even if you don’t have an iPhone you can still get free hosting :wink:

Let the final day begin!