Get all scenes in blendfile (inactive ones)

So as I´m trying to make it easy for people to create maps for my game, I want to have it so that if you created a new level in a new scene, in the menu the name of the new scene will be automatically displayed (with a dynamic text object) and if you click it, you enter the level.
Any ideas how to do this?
If I use the scene list, it only gets the menu scene, which is the only active one upon start.
Hope this will be possible :smiley:

As far as I know, there is no way to get the names of all the scenes in the current blend file while in the game engine. You’ll have to manually add the names to a list somewhere if you want them to be available.

The simplest way for modding is to allow the modder to simply add a new file (with a single scene).

This way you can use common Python functions to search the filesystem for according .blendFiles.

If I use the scene list, it only gets the menu scene, which is the only active one upon start.

Actually I think the scene list gets all the linked scenes to the main scene. If you “make links” from an inactive scene to the main scene the scene list will display it.
So if you find a way to link with python upon creation the newly created scene to the main scene, the scene list function will display it.

In difference to other assets, the scenes are only loaded when switching the current scene or adding an overlay/background scene. Only active scenes are in the scene list provided by the BGE API.

The Blender API might provide the other scenes from a blend file, but it is not available without Blender (after publishing the game).

I had a similar idea (before LibLoad). The problem is that linking as it is is a static linking. You can’t add new assets without modifying the entity that links it in. (The idea to just throw in a new file and it will be used automatically does not work.)

So what if I made a text File, where you have to put the name of your scene. Would this be possible then, and how?