Get back the viewport render time display?

In 2.7x, when you use viewport preview rendering, there is a helpful little display at the top left corner that shows, among other things, how long the last viewport update took to render.

In 2.8, I don’t see anything like that in Eevee. I see something like that in cycles, but it does not display the render time.

Is there a way to get that back? Especially in Eevee, where I’m still figuring out what even affects performance. I mean, if I can’t, then oh well, but I’d really like to.

This feature was incredibly useful. The main way I used it was adjusting things like material settings/nodes and seeing the effect those changes had on the render time. I mean, I could make a change, do a test render, make another change, render again… or just move the viewpoint around and see if it feels laggy.

It was massively more convenient to mute/unmute a node (or something) and just watch the timer automatically update. Especially if it was a small sample of something that would be resource intensive. Watching a small lock of hair’s render time go from 2 seconds to 4.5 seconds is a lot easier than rendering the full thing and seeing that the time goes from 2 minutes to 4.5 minutes.

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I think that would be very useful but I don’t know of any way to get that at the moment.

I think the Eevee rendered display mode should show the same sample calculation information that Cycles shows, and both of them should follow the sample number progress (2/32 etc.) with the average sample calculation time (75ms), (3.2s) etc.

Right now you can’t really even tell if Eevee is done rendering or not in preview mode unless you look at the GPU utilization of the system.

Could be a good suggestion for

Good idea. There is a UI freeze at the moment, but it might make it into a future release