Get Back to the Splash Screen?


(Sackadoo) #1

Okay, you open 2.8 for the first time, you’re presented with the Quick Setup screen where you make choices concerning Left/Right and Spacebar useage choices, then you click on Next.

And next time you open 2.8, you bypass the Quick Setup and go straight to that Next screen.

Short of deleting the Blender Foundation folder in AppData\Roaming, how do I navigate back to that Quick Setup?

And yeah, I know Preferences covers these things, but I’m talking about getting back to the Quick Setup splash screen. Is it possible? Is this on someone’s to-do list?

(Leonard Siebeneicher) #2

Removing local blender config files gets back the Splash Screen menu. Not sure, is there a more elegant way to do?

(TheGrom) #3

Something like <-Back arrow would be nice to have.

(Sackadoo) #4

Exactly what I was thinking, @TheGrom, making it accessible from within the application.

(Sackadoo) #5

I could have sworn I said this. :slight_smile:

(burnin) #6

Yup, guess a quick option (button) to start with Factory Settings should really be there. Most devices and apps have it. It’s about user friendliness. Simple action/script to delete preferences & startup file, then restart.

(Leonard Siebeneicher) #7

Huh … true. I should have invested some more time to decode that line.

(apoclypse) #8

Load Factory Settings doesn’t do that already?

(stargeizer) #9

menu bar -> help -> splash screen.

You are welcome.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #10

Click on the Blender logo on the left of the menu bar?

(Sackadoo) #11

Both Help > Splash Screen and (@bartv) Blender logo take me to the splash screen, but not the Quick Setup page of the splash screen.

Thanks for playing, though. :thinking:

(0rAngE) #12

I think as long as there’s any custom Prefz set you won’t see those options in the SplashScreen.

If you delete this file:

from the settings/prefs path:
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\config

you get the splash screen with (some of) those settings back.

And in my case it still retains my custom setup hotkeys, addons etc.

(Richard Garber) #13

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!! I have no idea why but I stopped messing with Blender 2.8 about a month or two ago and when I started it back up just the other day the mouse was only partially working. I couldn’t select in the viewport. Couldn’t load files cause the cursor would move to a file to load but I couldn’t move it anywhere else. But in other places like the menus it would work. I eventually decided it had to be a config issue (I use Blender 2.79 all the time and the mouse works). I mean every time I uninstalled 2.8 and then reinstalled it the same recent files list kept showing up. But I couldn’t find where the config files were. Anyway once I saw this thread and saw OrAngE replay I deleted the file and now Blender 2.8 is working again. I must’ve done something but I had no idea what and nothing I tried made a difference. I’d like to start learning 2.8 even to work some projects in it. Looks great from what I’ve seen in tutorials. - Rich