Get coordinates of collision?

When two objects collide, is there a way to determine the coordinates of where the objects are touching?

There is not way, a thing that you can do is try use a ray, en use ray.hitPosition to get the position, also maybe the object.getReactionForce can be usefull.

PD: thanks agoose77 for the information.

getReactionForce is not implemented

  • This is not implemented at the moment.

However, you can get this information in C++
If you’re interested I have a patch for this in the patch tracker, the latest collision callback patch. Some of the features like hitForce and hitImpulse seem to be erroneous though.

I think I shall give ray.hitposition a try, thanks guys

Collision logic material, should in theory be looking at polyproxy data, and return the material, but I am not sure,

If you could return polyproxy, from a collision sensor you would at least have the face that collided.