Get data into UIlist

i make ui list, and i want to fill it with a data from csv file,
so i load all the data into blender, and now i want to move all the data to my ui list but i can’t understand how to do it, i would love to get some help…

i was searching for the same filling UIlist from json file. If anyone help it will be very useful.

you need to create a property to represent each item, a property_collection to hold the them, and add this collection to some rna_object (scene, objects, etc). After this you only have to reference the rna_object and the collection name when creating the UIList.

Hi, am new to this blender api do you have simple example code.

You could look into this example.
It has Add, Delete, and MoveUp/Down operators that you might not need.
In this case, you just need a Function to add the CVS/JSON items to the collection.