Get flames to emit shaped exactly like emitter

Hi guys. This, I think, is my 3th thread on flames. I am making an animation of a flame lighting up and slowly changing colors. I have all the colors figured out and I know how the flame simulator works (sort of). The only problem I’m having is I want the flame to look exactly like a flame emitted from a basic lighter. I created the basic shape of the flame as a mesh. I set the mesh as the emitter but when I run the simulation, the flames emit all boxy and gross. All I want is for the flames to emit as the exact same shape as the emitter.

A couple of options:
Instead of the smoke “flow source” originating from the mesh, emit it from the mesh’s particle system. Tweak said particle system until you reach a desired shape. Alternatively, you could probably arrange the flame shape to act as a collision object. I’d expect it would be quite difficult to get right.

For me, the simpler, less complicated option was to model the base of the flame, make it Flow type, and adjust the smoke settings - change Vorticity and and Temp. Diff. until I reached the shape I wanted. On top of this, you can utilise force fields to gain more control.

Increase your resolution if the smoke/flames are boxy.

Your information helped but here are my current problems: 1: The flame isn’t translucent like I want it to be, 2: The flames emit what looks like sparks, and 3: Along with the sparks, small pieces of the flame breaks off the main flame and dissipates. I don’t want that either. I just want a perfectly smooth flame that closely resembles a flame emitted from a lighter…

1: That should be an issue with your material settings rather than the simulation. Play around with Scattering, Density Scale, Step Size; all those.
2:If you are using Blender’s smoke simulator to generate flames, then I’ve found that works best for larger scale simulations - if you want the clean flame like a lighter, just using the smoke simulator and making flames via materials probably is the better way.
3: If the flame isn’t as smooth as you want, then lower the Vorticity of the domain.
I tried to replicate what I’m talking about:

(if you want less of a conical shape reduce the size of the emitting circle)

Hope that helps.

Your information helped me quite a bit but there are just other things that are wrong in the look of the fire. I don’t know. Ill just play around with it more until I get what I need. Thanks for your help!