Get property name that is displayed in UI


I have a variable in my class:

prop_custom_float : bpy.props.PointerProperty(name=“My Custom Variable”, type=CustomPropGroup)

Is there any way how I can get the name “My Custom Variable” in python? I know how to use dir() and get the prop_custom_float class member variable, but i need the name that i displayed in the Blender UI.

from bpy.props import (FloatProperty,)

flt = FloatProperty(name=‘fltPropName’, default=0.0)

(, {‘name’: ‘fltPropName’, ‘default’: 0.0})

{‘name’: ‘fltPropName’, ‘default’: 0.0}

s = str(flt[1]).split("’")[3]

wow, thats fantastic!

I ll try that later. Strange I could not find out how it works… :smiley:

thanks very much

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