get rid of bake cash in tmp on Mac ??

Hi, I m having problems locating my /tmp/cache-fluid folder on my Mac? I search it and it just doesnt show up in spotlight or in finder… its hidden i suppose. unfortunately I didn’t know those baked cache files can only be deleted by user, now I need to get rid of them to make some space on my storage :confused:

If you didn’t save your blend file before baking the fluid they will be saved in the Macintosh HD/tmp/ folder which is hidden.
To open that in Finder go to the ‘Go / Go to Folder’ menu and input “/tmp/” as the target folder

thanks for your reply. yep i did manage to locate the hidden /tmp/ folder :slight_smile:
but there was no cache_fluid folder, could this also be somehow hidden ?
this -below- is what i get in my /tmp/

By default the cache folder is saved in the same location as your blend file (unless you manually change the output location). If you haven’t already saved your blend file it will be saved in the tmp file as indicated above.

If you are in the folder of the cache files you should see them, they are not hidden files

ok, thanks, i might have changed the folder somehow

you just go to folder /private/tmp
you can drag/drop it on the favorites left column (finder)
there’s another trick
in terminal

chflags nohidden ~/Library/

unhides the library of the user (by example)

You may have to repeat it after every OS update.

thanks, loving this one :wink: