Get rid of the 2 day wait period for bounties on BSE! (Thoughts)


I am just curious to everyone’s opinion on this topic.

The company I work at has very strict deadlines (as I am sure most companies do) and waiting 2 days to get an answer for something is ridiculous. Anytime I offer a bounty I usually have an answer to it that same day.

I have found this on BSE Meta:

Ultimately, the 2-day waiting period exists to level the paying field to some extent and a side benefit is it gives the community the ability to act on bad questions.
I am all for reducing the bounty time on Stack Overflow and other high-volume sites, but eliminating it completely eliminating it just opens up a lot of issues.

  • Quick bounties limit the ability of the community to close bad questions since a bounty prevents closure. If users were allowed to place immediately bounties, they could theoretically offer a bounty just to prevent a question from getting closed.
  • Immediate bounties would shift the site closer an auction site. There is enough rep-whoring now, by permitting immediate bounties you might end up with “answers to the highest bidder” mentality.
  • New users don’t have rep to offer a bounty, and while the percentage of new users who ask good questions is low, you limit the ability of those users to get their questions noticed.

While all due respect for your timelines, if you frequently find yourself needing immediate answers to keep to your schedule, then maybe you need to evaluate your schedule. I realize emergencies come up, but when they come up often enough, maybe you need to look in the mirror first.

Point 1: Doesn’t make sense, that’s why you down vote answers.
Point 2: An auction site!? - the correct or best answer SHOULD get the bounty
Point 3: New users answers won’t get noticed- I doubt this, plus new user questions are answered all over BSE, they just need to dig a little more.

And to the last point about scheduling correctly, I have a feeling this person has never worked in a professional setting, because that last point is total nonsense.

What do you guys think?

If not git rid of it how about making it 1 Day!!

That’s not the Blender Stackexchange metaforum, it’s for all of Stackexchange and Stackoverflow (the biggest site of them all). These rules are affecting everyone there, not just Blender users. It’s completely outside the control of anyone at Blenderartists or the Blender Foundation/Institute. You’re not reaching anybody relevant here.

Ahhh sorry it was a question I asked in META didn’t realize the link took me out of it.

Do you know if its possible to change it for just the sub exchanges? ie Blender Stack Exchange, so it doesn’t effect the entire stack exchange.