getHitObjectList problem

I’m writing a script, and I’m trying to use getHitObjectList() from a radar sensor, but it’s only returning a empty array. Do you have any Idea why this might be, or how to fix it?

Hi, if you are using Blender 2.49b try this:

1 Cube with a Radar Sensor and 4 Cubes and an Empty on a side (Cubes parented with the empty with a 10 units distance from de single cube, the cubes forming a cross a round the empty) select the proper axis in the radar sensor an set the angle to 45 and the distance to 5, make the empty spin with a simple: always->and->motion(0.0,0.0,0.3) on the logic bricks.

Use this script on the single cube with the sensor…

Get Game Logic

import GameLogic as gl

Get Sensor


Get Sensor Activation and Print the list

if rdr.positive==True:
print (lst)
print (“None”)

don’t forget to activate the actor button in the logic area for the 4 cubes (one by one).

Ooops! almost forgot, the distance between the cubes from the empty are 5 units.