Getting 3Dconnexion's Spaceball to work in blender?

i was able to get a Spaceball 4000 FLX for cheap at goodwill. so far ive only been able to use it for making UT2K4 models in ple maya[xsi too]. i was wondering if there were any drivers, plugins, or other means of being able to use it in blender. i did a search through the forums here and was only able to find 2 threads that were dead ends. the only coding that i ever did was put equations in my calculator. any help on this would be really cool :smiley:

they put out an SDK so would it be possible to make one easily using that?

someone asked [you?] about this on in the past couple weeks

but, I don’t think it would be that trivial for someone without much coding experience, and particularly without familarity with blender

no not me :smiley:
actually just got a couple days ago.
anyhow i didnt think so, all the good stuf isnt

random thought if i cant use it for modeling could i use as a “joystick” in the game engine, i think i read that someone was able to here; then maybe convert my actions into part of the animation of an object [using the game to ipo plugin]