Getting a bit further but still cant get it to rig up right. anybody good at rigging out there?

(rickyricardo) #1

Hi again guys.

Still having problems rigging this file. Anyone out there that knows how to rig that could help me out please?


Here is the file

(Krisnack) #2

I’m interested in rigging this, but I have a couple questions.

How many deform bones do you want?
Do you want both FK and IK controllers, or just one type?

(rickyricardo) #3

Hi. Im trying to put it into several different spiderman poses for a project im doing. So need just the basic bones very similar to the rigger tool.

I will leave it to you about the fk and ik. Whatever you think is best.

Thanks so much

(Krisnack) #4

I’ve decided to use both FK and IK for the limbs (allowing the user to toggle between them using a custom property) and FK for the body and head.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the model has over 1.3 million faces. If I rig that model, then it’s going to be really slow when you pose it. I would recommend using a much lower poly model for the rigging, and using the high poly model to bake a normal map for the lower poly one.

(rickyricardo) #5

spiderman low poly.blend (3.2 MB)
Hi i have attached a low poly version of the model. As you can see i have seperate meshes on this one too as this was early on is it possible the parent the other meshes so they will pose with the model instead of joining all the meshes together?

Seperate meshes are

Inner Lens

Chest Emblem

Back Emblem

The smooth belt like objects around the mesh.

Thanks so much

(Krisnack) #6

I tried giving the other meshes armatures modifiers, but because of the way Blender calculates bone weighing, the deformation looks a bit weird. Also, as you can see from the ‘seams’ in the model don’t match up with each other, so I’ll probably need to merge them together.

From the looks of it, I believe that I’ll need to merge at least the emblems on the chest and back into the main mesh. Probably the belt as well, or at least connect it to the main body.

(rickyricardo) #7

thats looking great already. Do what you have to do mate. Do you want me to send another version joined?

(Krisnack) #8

Nah, I’ll match up the seams when I get a chance.

(rickyricardo) #9

Thanks so much for doing this

(Krisnack) #10

No problem. I’ve had to use the Tris to Quads option to make editing easier, after I’m done I’ll just triangulate everything back if necessary.

Something that has come is that the torso arm ring has sixteen edges, and the shoulder arm ring has twenty edges. In the attached picture I have circled some of the extra edges in red. To merge them and eliminate the space in between I will either need to add cuts to the torso, or remove cuts from the shoulder, and I just wanted to ask with choice your preferred.

Edit: I forgot to ask I you have any reference images of the character.

(rickyricardo) #11

Hey sorry for the delayed reply. I don’t mind, i can work with either way you join the vertices.

I have included the reference

image you requested.

Thanks so much for doing this again

(Krisnack) #12

Some things I noticed: when I switch to the UV unwrap view is that there are several textures don’t show up. Their names are there, but the images themselves are missing. Four of the images are named “DI2_PC_MARVEL_Spider-Man_Classic_Body_D.png” with number from .001 to .004 appended at the end of the name, while the last is “new bump map.psd”. Are these the textures for the low poly model?

Also, after looking at the reference image, I noticed that the object “DI2_PC_MARVEL_Spider-Man_Classic” isn’t shown in the image. The objects “Curve” and “Spiderman Homecoming chest logo” (the spider shaped objects on his back and chest) could probably be omitted from the final low poly model without too much trouble, as they bear to bd decals.

(rickyricardo) #13

Hi. I used the base model with that name to create the added modifications to make the model like the homecoming character. I thought it might have been easier to send them to you unjoined just incase u had a particular method to join for rigging. Im a bit of a nubie when in comes to blender im afraid.

Really appreciate what your doing for me

(Krisnack) #14

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been having sleep problems recently, but they appear to have cleared up.

I’ve finished up most of the rigging, although the torso, head, and finger, rotation controls are FK only at the moment. There are also some issues with the shoulders and the wrist. One other thing that I should mention is that the fingers of the armature have four bones, while the human fingers have three. The way the rig is set up, the bone thumb.01.R is the child of the bone palm.01.R, which may cause problems when you try to animate it.

Wrist twist:

Finger bones:

Shoulder twist:

(rickyricardo) #15

Hey sorrt for late reply. You are doing a great job on this for me. Looks amazing. Dont worry too much about the fingers as i aim to set it in poses more for art work than animating it.

Im sorry this has taken up so much of your time. I bet u wish you hadnt offered

(Krisnack) #16

No problem, I’m almost done. Right now I’m writing the documentation for the rig.

(Krisnack) #17

Here’s the completed file. I’ve put the documentation under the scripting view. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.
spiderman low poly ready.blend (1.8 MB)

(rickyricardo) #18

Thankyou so much. Its amazing, you did such a great job. I owe you big time. Thankyou so much for doing it for me.