Getting a deep black

Hello :slight_smile:

I am trying to model and texture a wallet, that we photographed in real life.
You can see in the screenshot how far I am.
Unfortunately, everything looks grey and a bit washed out. How do I get a stronger black for the plastic parts as well as the rubber band?
I attached my node setup of the textured plastic as well.

Thank you for your help!

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Maybe add a Brightness/contrast node OR rgb curves after the colour picture, and tey to tweak that? :thinking:

Try tuning up the Metallic and maybe add a coloramp to the roughness and tinker with the values.

Nobody is mentioning the fact that your lights are completely in the wrong spot compared to the reference image?!?


I was going to write the same thing about lights :slight_smile:

Try to change rubber belt a bit, it’s too straight on the render, it’s looking like a box, there are no irregularities on it, maybe slight displacement will help.


Absolutely tru :grin: on the other hand I thought - after the intro - that it’s gonna be a procedural setup, but we seem to have PBR maps here. So, if actual photos were used, the lights and coloura may have to be corrected in an external software or somehow in blender maybe.

I use only 1 area light the result is like this

Hi, maybe reducing the specular a bit on your texture might help

I believe your base color is what’s affecting this. Try it at black or closer to.
Edit: that is to say, put in some control to manage that image. It is too bright.

this is with 2 lighting.

I like the structure of the band, how did you do it? Did you use an image texture?

this is the material node of each part.

for the plastic part

for the rubber band

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!