Getting a green specular reflection from an orange diffuse shade.

Hi folks, I’m fairly new to Blender, but I’m looking to make an orange object give off a green specular reflection when rendered. I know this is not very natural, but it’s the effect I want and I can’t for the life of me figure out a way to do it. The rendered scene always mixes the green and orange to make a somewhat yellowish shade. Is there a way to keep the diffuse and specular colors from mixing in the renderer? That would be enormously helpful. Thanks! Oh, and I’m using Blender 2.45 if that matters.

you could try turning up the hardness of the specularity.

That just seems to make a smaller yellow dot. The problem is that no matter what I put as the specular color, Blender adds that to the orange when rendering. No color adds to orange to make green. If I could stop Blender from adding the hues I could do it, but I don’t know whether that’s possible.

I would use a material node. I’ve attached an image of the node setup in 2.45 (left) and 2.46 (right).
In 2.45, add two Material input nodes with the same green material (with a white spec color) selected, and on the bottom one, turn the “spec” button off. Then add a “Mix” node, set it to subtract, set “fac” to 1, and connect it to the two green materials. Now add an RGB input and another Mix input. Use the output from the “Subtract” node as the Fac, the color out put from the bottom material input as “Color1” and the output from the RGB node as “Color2” and then just plug this nodes output into the “Output” node.
Doing this in 2.46 is similar, but less steps are required thanks to the Extended Material node. All you need to add is one Material node, an RGB node, and a mix node. Use the material nodes color output as “Color1”, the Spec output as “Fac” and the RGB output as “Color2” and just plug the output into the “Output” node.

EDIT: I thought you had said a green material with orange spec (it’s late here). Just switch the orange and green and it should work.


Thank you! It worked (although I changed the method to “hue” because it gave me a lighter green). It makes sense now that I understand that you need to use multiple materials. I definitely learned something today. :slight_smile: