Getting a Python error from the PMD import/export script

So I downloaded the import/export script for .pmd files today and went to drop it into my scripts folder, did that, and then restarted Blender and the new import/export option is not showing up on the list. Here’s screen-caps of what I’m looking at:

import list
export list

This is the file I downloaded:

Okay, if I open the older copy of blender I have instead, it shows up there, but when I try to import gives me a script error. Here’s what I’m looking at now:

try changing japanese characters (text) in the pmd file to english characters (text)

Ok I am having the same problem. I changed the japanese characters in the name of the PMD file. But it still gives me the same error.

Yeah, changing the characters didn’t help for me either, I just stopped asking because real life got hectic and I had other things to worry about.

There are probably (almost definitely) a lot of bones/materials within the file that also use Japanese characters. You’ll have to change those as well. (PMD Editor from might help with preparing the file before importing to Blender.