Getting a strange ghosting in 3d viewport using 2.62 official

Does anyone know what might be causing this strange “ghosting” artifact Im getting in the 3d viewport? I’m using Blender official 2.62, I don’t think it’s showing up on renders. This is just the default scene and I just moved around slightly using the middle mouse button.

You will definitely need to click on the picture to view the full rez to see it well

Whatever you’re seeing is your screen, not Blender.
Might be banding due to subpixel overdrive. Happens with cheap TN panels especially when viewing gray stuff.

Both of my calibrated displays and eyes and also GIMP say there’s nothing wrong with the image you posted :wink:

Strange you say that, because as I move or roatate the cube, the ghosting artifact moves right along with it. I don’t have a clue as to what subpixel overdrive is, and this is not a calibrated or very expensive monitor, but I’ve never had it happen in any other versions of blender using the same monitor. I do appreciate you checking it out for me.

Just FYI… your telling me you can see absolutely nothing in the area that I noted with the grease pencil?

Sorry, I see nothing in the marked area too:)

But, yes, 2.62 behaves veeeery strange.

basically I think what what they are saying is that your monitor might not be quite up to Blender. What you are seeing is like a ghosting of the pixels. I see what you see on one monitor but not my good one. By chance is your monitor the one that came with your computer, a compaq for example? (That’s my secondary one.) If so either invest in a better main monitor or if that is out of the question then ignore it.

OK… well, like I said, I never saw it using the same monitor on previous versions of blender. I just took a screen capture of what I was seeing on my screen and posted it. The monitor I am using is a westinghouse L2220 HW. It’s really not a big deal, nothing that would make me run out and buy a new monitor because it doesn’t seem to show up in renders.

they reworked how the computer handles Blender, the inner workings like GPU (graphical processing unit) and evidently some monitors are effected by this and and your monitor has been reviewed and basically agrees with me. Due to the backlight bleed some shades of gray just doesnt display right due to that. When I bought mine at best buy I did a quick little search right there on my phone and found this, sadly, just a group of reviews and not pc mag, it had just come out so there wasnt that many at the time. I can’t complain it is a really outstanding monitor for those on a budget like me. I also took the time to run it through numerous monitor tests before the 30 days expired. Anyhow I noticed that with the monitor I got off my Mom, since we both bought the HP ones (Compaq brand, very cheap and with a backlight, I cant just take the model numbers off the computer because I am using the vga plug.) was noticeably dimmer, and failed a few of the more advanced test. I moved it over and found lots of gray ghosting, in the default cube if I look close. Not with 2.61 though, which is weird. Ack, I’m rambling now, I really gotta go, if you read this please remeber that I do ramble on a lot and there are gems in the ramble :stuck_out_tongue:

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