getting a Wii

Hello , a group of students in another university are involved in making a video game graduation project , i will be having the job of character modeler , and i will be selling those models for an amount that is enough for buying a Wii :cool: , …

well , just consider i have bought a Wii , is it cool , i would go with Wii instead of PS3

for those controllers :slight_smile: .

do you have any tips ?

recommend any games ?

depends on how you play video games, if you play mostly by yourself the wii doesn’t have as much to offer as the PS3 or xbox 360, but as a group activity I would say the wii is much better then those. In many ways I think that the wii is like a modern and interactive board game, as it tends to pull people in and cause, at least for video games, a very high level of real person interaction, which is exactly why I love it. but on the other hand if you want to just have a system that you play by yourself or online, the wii doesn’t have a as much to offer there.

as far as great games, my favorite is ‘super smash brothers brawl’, followed by ‘Mario kart’ but that is only good if you have several people your playing with. by yourself… ‘super Mario galaxy’ isn’t bad… but as i said, I don’t ever play it by myself.

i can play Wii with the family , but i think RE4 is superb on Wii after seeing it’s video .

I’ll echo what Atemporalskill said. The Wii is a very social game system. My 15yo son likes Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and I like Mario Kart. We’ve had my sisters over for Mario Kart sessions, they had a great time as well. It may be the kiss of doom, but this admittedly middle-aged guy likes the Wii a lot.

I think that the Wii is a very entertaining system. The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, de Blob, and Okami are very good single player games. For multi-player games, I would recommend Mario Kart Wii, Mario Strikers Charged, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and the various Lego games. I’ve also heared good things about Mad World, Metroid Prime 3, and Resident Evil 4. As far as future realeases go, Punch-Out, Ghostbusters, and The Conduit are looking really good. The Wii also has a large library of old games for the virtual console that are worth checking out.

While the Wii may not have the best graphics, I find the variety of the games more enjoyable. The 360 seems to be a lot of first person shooters / sports games, most of which I can play on my pc. The ps3 has been lacking in titles, but is set to have a few cool releases this year. The combination of LotR on Bluray, LittleBig Planet, and Heavy Rain will probably cause me to pick one up before the year is over.

don’t bother with the wii.

Wii is pretty fun. I take it to the relatives for family celebrations and they love wii tennis. I even had a little fun setting up my wii for development and using my computer to program it - but I steered away from that until it becomes a bit easier to develop with. (my programs kept crashing and getting RAM errors :stuck_out_tongue: )

I haven’t used my Wii in over a year and I want to sell it so I can buy gnomon or ballistic learning materials. Zelda was fun but it is like every other Nintendo system and the only real good games are put out by Nintendo.

Well, wii can’t even handle simple rigid body physics in it… and although the control is innovative, the graphics is not.

I don’t think the graphics are a huge issue against the wii personally. I think they are good enough. They are making a Wii2 with HD graphics. Why? So you can see all the hair strands in Mario’s mustache? Some games the controls are really great for. The godfather game is fun when your choking people with the controllers and tossing them around, but few games have an experience like that. Most of the games the controllers are used exactly like you’d expect and it just feels like a gimmick afterwards.

Im sure the Wii can handle rigid body physics. Thats up to the game programmers however, not the consols ‘power’.

The graphics are fine as well, again, it depends on how good the programmers and artists are at managing their resources etc. The Wii is of course more restricted in those areas than the Xbox360 and PS3, but thats no surprise.

Zelda is a great game, the graphics/gameplay/physics/storyline etc are very good.
Heatseaker is also good if your into flying type games. And Resident Evil 4 was a great game, really enjoyed it.