getting an error message when trying to import an .obj file

Hi all,

I had uninstalled Blender because it’s no good at filleting edges, but now I want to try out the freestyle rendering options so I installed a new copy. However I’m getting an error message when I try to import an .obj file.

Could it be some a bug? (clamp size is set to 0)

Here’s a pic of the error message I get:

and also a link to the .obj model:

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this

Imported without error using blender 2.75a. Why are you using an ancient version of blender (2 years out of date) ?


1 test freestyle.blend (2.82 MB)

Oh, well I just downloaded it yesterday…
I’ll see if I can update it.

Thanks a lot

PLEASE READ!!! the name of what you are downloading !!!

and do NOT just grab some random program from some RANDOM web site

you have ZERO!!! idea if this was a real or INFECTED !!! *.exe or not
nor do you know is it was tampered with and also installed a virus

it is VERY DIFFICULT to grab the old 2.68 from the front page of the blender web site

so first
uninstall this old version
then run every ANTI virus and ROOTKIT detector you have

and SCAN!!! your whole system INCLUDING!!! the MBR and the bootloader for a rootkit

you might have been infected

then install the current FROM the blender website

This is the 2nd result on Google when you type “download Blender”

but thanks anyway