Getting back into Blender

Hello everyone,

Its been quite some time since I have posted anything here as well as having used Blender. I am wanting to get back into it and am looking to get up to speed with all the changes since Blender 2.4x. I recently joined Blender Cookie as a Citizen and hope to learn a lot from their videos. Are there any video series that anyone could recommend that would cover most of 3D Modeling? I was thinking about purchasing the Blend & Paint series offered at the Foundation Store. Would this be good for a new person or would it be “over the top” as far as the learning curve goes?

Hi, I’m a Citizen also and your best bet is to just do the
tutorials over there that are done with Blender 2.5x.
Once you get used to the newer interface then try older

As for buying books and DVD’s about modeling, honestly I’d
just save my money for now till you’re up to speed in blender.

I’m also getting used to 2.5 . Here are a few resources that helped me. - Covers pretty much everything in 2.5, also has a good 2.5 Manual. - Good videos for migrating from 2.4x to 2.5 - A channel of Blender videos on vimeo