Getting Epic Megagrants to notice Eevee UPBGE?

If you guys don’t already know, Epic is giving away tons of money to free softwares to help the industry. This is a part of their program called the Epic Megagrants program. I’m sure you heard how much they gave to BF a few months ago. They’re even supporting other game engines like godot this way. Can we get them to know about Evee UPBGE?

the stuff upbge eevee needs, blender itself will eventually need.

stuff like ATAA / RTX and GPU armature skinning modifier

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the funding could really help the devs though

Don’t know why, but if someone gives me money for something that i already do for free, all i can think is … thank you, can you give me more?! :rofl:. I totally agree with that program. And maybe you’re right, Upbge is a separate program! Maybe some devs. can lighten up the path for this question ! How’s this man can’t you apply for a funding program like this, cause Upbge is a separate program, is it, i mean looks feasible enough!? And if you don’t need Franklin’s, you can always donate that to me! :rofl:

the prohlem with doing stuff for free is that most of the times they never get done as some devs leavs due to one reason or the other, its just not sustainable. I at least, really love Upbge and dont want it to die :stuck_out_tongue:
so getting funds is something that has to happen.
Meanwhile, of course UPBGE is a separate thing. the BF cut all ties to BGE, even they don’t consider the game engine as part of blender itself. So why would an upgraded engine built on top not be separate?
And yes i could try to “Apply” or whatever But idk how. I guess talking about UPBGE Eevee in more forums can do it?

Man Upbge is not a wannabe software. It’s not a project that needs money to start. Upbge already has a community, this program works. It needs some upgrades. Why not paying the devs ? And why not attracting other devs to make this upgrades faster ? Guess applying for funds is no easy task, and there must be a plan for upgrading . A management plan would pay all the people participating in the funding program. Guess this has to be done by devs. they should know better what needs to be done and how ! Personally i would like to see this program grow !

Youle and loki have no interest in money, but work as often as possible as it is

If someone were to start writing quality patches and submitting them, and opened a patron I would subscribe,

I already pay the logic node dude 5 a month and I don’t even use them (I code py)

Ok my friend. Where can you find this game engine python specialized developers ? Cause obvious enough, 2 of them, for a big program like this, is not enough ! Upbge would need some ready to go tools. This would allow usual content creators to release games easy ! Logic nodes are handy, blender integration is a cool workflow, the community is very strong, still there are lots of things to be upgraded. Maybe we would need a list of upgrades. See what we have, what we don’t have, and what we want to have. This way, we could have developers specialized for certain aspects. You cant do them all by yourself my friend ! I would apply for megagrants, but i don’t know nothing about how a game engine works. I don’t know nothing about what is needed for a 1’st step of upgrade a 2’nd one and etc … Even if i wanted to apply, i would not know what to ask money for. We cant relay on students for this task. This must be done by professionals ! Program engineering is not for starters !

You are cutting yourself short here. Most people that contributed to BGE weren’t big into game making IIRC. Most did that on their personal time, as a hobby. “Professionals” are only going to invest their time if they can get something back from it.

See it like this: Make your own professional game studio, use Blender Game Engine to produce your games, use the money and experience to finance your own development team to work on the tool you use. This is how most open-source projects work. Companies that use a tool for their business, that also maintain said tool, because it is core to their business.

Any other wish of “some professional to improve the BGE for the kick of it” is kinda like asking to win the lottery: it may happen, mostly won’t.

We already now grow with eevee,

I think someone plucking a crazy task and completing it is possible, but more likely if we can pay them.

then let’s war up again !

man i’m sick of this imbeciles laughing about damaging my toy !

What are you talking about?

Who are you talking about?

Money may help, but throwing money at someone is not enough. You must make sure that there’s actual skill and commitment.


“If someone were to start writing quality patches and submitting them, and opened a patron I would subscribe” I said above.

I have a little money building up I have been saving for this or a new pc.

If you could get armature modifier running using Gpu and everyone is happy with the implementation (bf and or upbge)

I would pay (what I can)
I bet others would chip in too.


if the modifier is calling deform methods from armature (blenkernel/intern) then it’s a big ol rewrite, that thing was written with cpu in mind. thats the impression i get.

ive no reason to doubt loki or youle though. do they keep any notes on this?

Loki said they did something similar to what we need in old Gpu openSubDivison for Mac when openCL was discontinued, (or something like that )

OpenGL has a shader called a vertex transform feedback shader, that is basically what we need
(vertex in+uniforms, vertex out)
That will work in the modifier stack