Getting normal maps to work with a toon-shaded node tree

I’ve been building a character model for the past few weeks and I’ve reached the texturing stage. One of the pieces of clothing I’ve given this character is a tossle cap, and I baked a normal map with hi-res details for use on the low poly mesh. My question is, how would I connect it up to the rest of my node tree so that it looks like the hi-poly mesh? My current node tree looks like this, obviously an Eevee setup:

Is there another way to link it up besides using a Principled BSDF? Because I really don’t want it to give the model specular, metallic, subsurface scattering, and all that other jazz just to turn it all down again.

When i squeeze my eyes so that it hurts i would say normal map into displacement ???

Just place a diffuse shader for the colorinput of your nodes at the end of the node build.Then put the normal bump output into the normal input from the diffuse shader.

Not sure if the normals are that visible on a diffuse shader though.

If you take a Principled then metallic is off by default,subsurf scatter is off by default and if you dont want specular put it down 0 and you are good to go.